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Children who need adopting

Read our profiles of real children who are waiting to be adopted and need a home with a new family.

We're looking for adoptive parents for our children in care. Our children come from a wide range of backgrounds and are different ages, from babies and toddlers to older children.

If you're interested in adopting a child, you can contact us by emailing fosterandadopt@suffolk.gov.uk or calling 01473 264800.

We have changed names to protect the children's identities.

Lucy, 5 years old

Lucy is a bright, confident little girl who loves to be active, whether she’s riding her bike in the garden, running around at the park or dancing to music! She has a great imagination and enjoys playing with her baby dolls, being creative with arts and crafts and baking. She likes to watch films and her favourites at the moment are Spirit and Boss Baby. Lucy loves animals, especially horses, and likes playing with the dogs in her foster placement.

Lucy has recently started school where she is doing well academically. She enjoys attending school and has formed friendships with her peers. She likes practising writing and numbers at home.

Lucy enjoys bath time and has a good bedtime routine when she likes to listen to audio books before going to sleep. Lucy eats well and likes a wide variety of food. Her foster carer says she is fun to be around, and she is developing a great sense of humour. She is an affectionate little girl who will seek and accept comfort and physical affection from her carers.

Profile updated: December 2018

Oscar, 9 months old

Oscar is a nine-month-old baby boy, described by his foster carer as a happy and content child. He has a lovely engaging smile. He loves playing singing games with his carer such as ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’ and this makes him laugh.

Oscar sleeps through at night, and has a nap during the day, and enjoys eating a good range of food. He enjoys bath time and is happy to kick and splash about.

Oscar's development is slightly delayed although he is making good progress in all areas. He receives input from the paediatric physiotherapy and occupational therapy teams.

Oscar would love to have a settled home and would be happy in a home where he is an only child as well as in a home where there are other children.

Profile updated: December 2018

Baby boy lying down playing with a toy

Olivia, 3 years old

Back head and shoulders view of a 3 year old girl

Olivia is a delightful little girl who is lively and energetic. She likes to be on the go and her curiosity means she is into everything! 

Olivia loves to be outdoors and enjoys bouncing on the trampoline and playing in the sand pit or water tray. She also enjoys the soft play area, ride on toys and listening and dancing to music.

Olivia’s foster carers describe her as a sweet natured and affectionate little girl who is a joyful presence in their home.

Olivia attends nursery and enjoys the activities that they have there. Olivia is beginning to learn the social skills needed to play with her peers, although prefers solitary play. Since being in foster care she will now focus for longer periods on a single toy or activity and parallel play alongside other children.

Olivia responds well to structure and routines and has an appetite for fun and adventure. She is charmingly cheeky and has a mischievous side to her personality. 

Olivia needs a loving, nurturing family with a strong support network.

Profile updated: October 2018

Ryan, 5 years old and Rory, 17 months old

Ryan is an engaging, sociable little boy who enjoys the attention of known adults and other children. His carers describe him as a ‘little character who makes them laugh all the time!’. He loves Lego and will sit for hours building new things. He attend a Lego club at a local library with his foster carer. He also likes playing with Playdough and puzzles. Ryan’s favourite day out is a trip to a soft play centre; he also likes going to Costa for a piece of cake! He enjoyed days at the beach over the Summer and spending time out in the garden. He loves the swing in the back garden and will spend ages being pushed by his carers.

He enjoys attending school and although is achieving below his peers, his teachers are pleased with his progress. When he was first placed he was reluctant to read but he now thoroughly enjoys this and recently won an award at school for 'most improved reader'.

Ryan has made good progress since being placed with his foster carers. He is increasingly able to talk about his feelings but continues to ask lots of questions and talk a lot. He has a positive relationship with both of his carers and responds well to the boundaries they have put in place. Ryan has a good relationship with Rory who he enjoys playing with, especially since Rory has started walking.

Rory is a happy, engaging little baby. He has recently started walking and likes playing chase with his brother. He loves books; especially ones with flaps he can lift. He really enjoys playing with his stacking beakers, building towers and then knocking them down! Rory loves splashing around in the bath and being being on the swing in the back garden. There are no concerns regarding Rory’s development and he can say a few words and also uses some signing. His foster carer said his comprehension is very good. Rory is a predominantly healthy child but does suffer with eczema and sometimes a chesty cough.

Profile updated: October 2018

5 year old boy sitting

Baby boy sitting

Veronica, 6 years old and Kate, 5 years old


Two girl wearing dresses next to an animal

Veronica is described by her carers as a chatty, affectionate child who has lots of energy and a big personality. She thrives on close attention, praise and encouragement and needs to know she is loved and special. Veronica likes to spend time at home playing with her dolls, dancing to music and dressing up. She also enjoys playing outdoors on her scooter and balance bike and bouncing on the trampoline. Veronica’s favourite TV programmes are Milkshake and Cbeebies, as well as singing along to ‘Frozen’ DVD. Veronica likes it when her foster carer styles her hair and she loves getting dressed up in new clothes and shoes! Veronica is in full time education and is making good progress.

Kate is described by her carers as a bright, adorable, cheeky little girl who is very adventurous and playful. She likes to be busy and enjoys conversation! Kate loves all kinds of activities, imaginary play, games, playing with her dolls, dressing up, singing and dancing, playing outdoors and going to the park. She is a confident little girl who likes engaging with other children and adults. She is very affectionate towards her foster carers and has developed a positive relationship with them.

Veronica and Kate have differing personalities but they enjoy each other’s company, playing together and like to cuddle up on the sofa to watch TV or listen to a story.

The foster carers describe the girls as full of fun, very busy and totally lovable. They have loved watching them grow into sociable children with a zest to explore and learn.

Veronica and Kate need a loving, nurturing family with a strong support network.

Profile updated: September 2018

Daniel, 1 year old

Daniel is described by his foster carer as ‘a happy boy, who loves to crawl around at speed, exploring all his toys.  He especially loves his squeaky duck, cuddly dog with flashing lights and anything that rattles. He enjoys lots of attention from the adults and children in his foster family and has a good attachment to his carers.

Daniel likes to spend time, watching coloured lights, which soothes him when he is tired.   He enjoys bath time, splashing around with his arms and legs. He also loves swimming with his carer. He enjoys being out in his buggy for trips to the park.  Daniel has put on weight and is growing steadily. He is eating three meals daily and enjoying tasting new flavours.  He usually sleeps through the night and naps during the day.  

Daniel has always lived with the same foster carers. He spent his first three weeks in hospital, having been born four weeks prematurely, showing symptoms of neonatal abstinence for which he was medically treated.  At first he did struggle to focus on faces or objects unless very close to his own face, but   now seems to be able to see people and objects enough to smile broadly and grab a scarf, necklace or hair! Daniel finds it difficult to sit unaided and is happiest commando crawling or climbing on a bean bag. Daniel is being regularly reviewed by the community paediatrician and ophthalmologist. He has been having physiotherapy to increase his movement and strength. He has been assessed by the sensory vision team and is receiving ongoing support from them.

Profile updated: June 2018

Baby boy crawling next to colourful toy

Liam, 3 years old

Young boy in green shirt playing with a red toy car

Liam is a happy, loveable boy, who wants to be part of family life. He especially enjoys playing at shopping with his basket, ‘buying’ fruit and vegetables. He loves pushing cars around and doing puzzles. He can follow simple instructions when playing games like building blocks on the floor and is learning to count and spot the colours.

Liam enjoys praise and encouragement from the adults around him. He is learning new words everyday – his favourites are ‘baby’, ‘up and down’, ‘stop’ and ‘see you later!’  He enjoys exploring how things work and will try and take apart and put toys back together.

Liam likes to spend time at the park, beach, and looking at animals. He delights in running, playing on his scooter and is full of energy. He is gentle with the family dog and laughs at him a lot. Liam eats with a spoon and fork and will sit in his high chair, enjoying a range of healthy foods. He loves mealtimes!

Profile updated: August 2018