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Children who need adopting

Read our profiles of real children who are waiting to be adopted and need a home with a new family.

We're looking for adoptive parents for our children in care. Our children come from a wide range of backgrounds and are different ages, from babies and toddlers to older children.

If you're interested in adopting a child, you can contact us by emailing fosterandadopt@suffolk.gov.uk or calling 01473 264800.

We have changed names to protect the children's identities.

Sophie, 5 years old and Lucas, 4 years old

Cuddly toy cat

Cuddly toy Super Mario

Sophie is a bright little girl who is growing in confidence and loves to be around both children and adults who she knows well. Sophie loves being active and one of her favourite things to do is take the foster carers dog out for a long walk along the beach whilst she rides her scooter along the promenade. When at home, Sophie likes to spend time doing arts and crafts, baking and playing with her favourite cuddly toy cat!

Lucas is an affectionate little boy who also enjoys spending time with trusted adults and children. He loves anything with wheels and will spend hours playing with his cars and his caravan! He also likes Mario who has recently become a firm favourite cuddly toy. Like Sophie, he likes to spend time riding his scooter and playing in the garden. Lucas attends nursery where he is doing well and plays well with his peers.

Sophie and Lucas love Disney films and often request to snuggle up on the sofa with a blanket and some popcorn watching their favourites! They both love trips out to the cinema and going for a meal in a restaurant. Sophie and Lucas play well together and enjoys each other’s company.

Profile updated: January 2019

Tobias, 6 years old and Freya, 5 years old

Tobias and Freya are 6 and 5 years old. They have a close sibling relationship. They enjoy many of the same activities, including reading, cycling, crafts and lego. Their favourite bedtime book is The Gruffalo. They are affectionate children who like to be cuddled and offered reassurance by their foster carers. They both enjoy their food and are a pleasure to take out for the day.

Tobias and Freya love school. They are getting on really well and have made lots of friends. Freya’s recent birthday party was princess themed and Tobias’s was superhero themed!

Could you adopt Tobias and Freya?

Profile updated: January 2019

Child's drawing of a boy and a girl

Daniel, 21 months old

Toddler boy standing next to a boot

Daniel is an energetic little boy who likes nothing better than toddling across the floor playing with his toys. He knows exactly what he is heading for and will rush to get it.

He also loves to relax on a giant beanbag or to climb over giant soft blocks. He likes squeaky and jingly toys especially if they light up.  He enjoys water - bath time with lots of splashing is fun - and swimming with his foster carer.

Daniel’s foster carers describe him as loveable and sociable, enjoying the company of all ages in their family. He especially loves outings to the local farm, and park.

Profile updated: January 2019


Liam is a happy little boy, with bright eyes and a big smile. He loves to be part of family life, joining in with everything enthusiastically. He especially enjoys playing at shopping, bringing the grown ups fruit and vegetables to buy and sell. His other favourites are animal puzzles and cars. He can name all the colours of his cars and count them up to ten. He has recently begun to enjoy books and will choose one to be read to him and help by pointing and naming the pictures.

Liam enjoys being outside whether that's in the garden or going to the park or beach. He is fast on his scooter and got a bike for Christmas which he loves. He is learning new words every day and  he tries to make himself understood and babbles away when engrossed in imaginary play. He is comfortable in the hustle and bustle of a busy home.

Profile updated: January 2019

Boy in shorts sitting next to toy cars

Lucy, 5 years old

Lucy is a bright, confident little girl who loves to be active, whether she’s riding her bike in the garden, running around at the park or dancing to music! She has a great imagination and enjoys playing with her baby dolls, being creative with arts and crafts and baking. She likes to watch films and her favourites at the moment are Spirit and Boss Baby. Lucy loves animals, especially horses, and likes playing with the dogs in her foster placement.

Lucy has recently started school where she is doing well academically. She enjoys attending school and has formed friendships with her peers. She likes practising writing and numbers at home.

Lucy enjoys bath time and has a good bedtime routine when she likes to listen to audio books before going to sleep. Lucy eats well and likes a wide variety of food. Her foster carer says she is fun to be around, and she is developing a great sense of humour. She is an affectionate little girl who will seek and accept comfort and physical affection from her carers.

Profile updated: December 2018

Oscar, 9 months old

Oscar is a nine-month-old baby boy, described by his foster carer as a happy and content child. He has a lovely engaging smile. He loves playing singing games with his carer such as ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’ and this makes him laugh.

Oscar sleeps through at night, and has a nap during the day, and enjoys eating a good range of food. He enjoys bath time and is happy to kick and splash about.

Oscar's development is slightly delayed although he is making good progress in all areas. He receives input from the paediatric physiotherapy and occupational therapy teams.

Oscar would love to have a settled home and would be happy in a home where he is an only child as well as in a home where there are other children.

Profile updated: December 2018

Baby boy holding a toy giraffe